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PerfectClean - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Highly Absorbent Cleaning Towels, Streak-Free Microfiber Towels for Cars, Windows, and Bathrooms, Cleaning Supplies, 12''x12'', 5 Count

Use Wet or Dry

For All Surfaces

When used wet, they are perfect for deep cleaning, tackling spills, and achieving a streak-free shine. If a quick dusting or dry wipe-down is what you need, they are equally effective in capturing and locking away dust and particles.

Clean Better and Faster

Lint and Snag-Free

Our patented Micro-Denier Fiber ensures 8x more absorption than regular microfiber. Clean with precision and efficiency never experienced before. Engineered to be lint and snag-free, providing a smooth and efficient cleaning experience. While other cloths may leave behind irritating lint and catch on rough surfaces, PerfectCLEAN's MicroDenier Fiber technology ensures your cleaning tasks are hassle-free.

Chosen by Major Hospitals

Impeccable Cleanliness

PerfectCLEAN Micro-Denier Microfiber Wipers are the trusted choice for both hospitals and the hospitality industry. Pioneering a new standard in cleanliness, our patented MicroDenier Fiber technology ensures precision cleaning. Hospitals rely on their advanced cleaning technology to maintain hygienic environments, while luxury hotels use them for spotless rooms.

PerfectCLEAN Micro-Denier Microfiber Wipers: Elevate Your Cleaning Experience

From Trusted and Clean Room Settings, to Your Home

Discover the future of cleaning with PerfectCLEAN Micro-Denier Microfiber Wipers. Trusted by the most discerning environments, from pristine clean hospital rooms to luxurious hotels, these exceptional cleaning cloths are now available for your home. They represent a leap forward in cleaning technology, designed to make your daily cleaning tasks more efficient, more sustainable, and more hygienic.

Suitable for Every Surface at Home

PerfectCLEAN Micro-Denier Microfiber Wipers are your versatile cleaning solution. They excel at cleaning mirrors, windows, countertops, sinks, painted walls, and stainless steel kitchen appliances. With these wipers, you can achieve a spotless and germ-free environment in your home.

Avoid the Cold and Flu with Superior Cleaning

Elevate cleanliness in your home, school, car, restaurant, gym, or public building with the cleaning cloth patented with built-in protection. Our Wipers go beyond the surface, capturing and removing microscopic foreign particles that traditional cloths may leave behind. Keep your home cleaner and healthier so you can enjoy a stress free winter season.

Reusable and Durable for Over 500 Uses

These tough and resilient cloths can be reused up to 500 times, replacing the need for disposable paper towels. Use them dry for dusting or polishing, and damp for thorough cleaning. For optimal organization, we recommend color-coding your microfiber cloths, assigning a different color to each room or area you plan to clean. Our Micro-Denier fibers remain as good as new, avoiding fraying or shape loss, thanks to the highly durable infinity sewn edge.

The PerfectCLEAN Color Coding System

Take the guesswork out of cleaning with our meticulously designed Color Coding System. Each color represents a specific cleaning task or area, allowing you to maintain an organized and efficient cleaning routine. Whether it's your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or any other space, you'll have a designated cloth for every purpose.