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Panoxyl 4% Acne Creamy Wash 6oz

Gentle enough for everyday use and strong enough to combat the peskiest pimples, PanOxyl's Acne Creamy Wash contains 4% benzoyl peroxide to clear acne at lightning speed! Recommended by dermatologists, this daily control wash cleans and unclogs pores to clear existing breakouts. It can also help to prevent new blemishes from forming when used as part of a daily acne treatment routine. The creamy formula is balanced with emollients for a gentler & hydrating daily cleanse. Made in the USA
  • Dermatologist Recommended: Contains benzoyl peroxide, the #1 recommended acne fighting ingredient 
  • Daily Cleanser: Gentle enough for everyday use 
  • Breaks the Acne Cycle: Cleans and unclogs pores to clear, treat and prevent acne 
  • Anti-Bacterial: Kills acne-causing bacteria 
  • pH Balanced: Contains 3 humectants and 4 emollients to combat drynes
  1. Wet area to be cleansed
  2. Apply acne wash and gently massage area for 1-2 minutes
  3. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry
  4. Because excessive drying of the skin may occur, start with 1 application daily, then gradually increase to 2 or 3 times daily if needed or as directed by a doctor
  5. If bothersome dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to once a day or every other day
  6. If going outside, apply sunscreen after using this product. If irritation or sensitivity develops, stop use of both products and ask a doctor.