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New Road Health Supply - Paraffin Wax Bath Hand Liners, Use As Cleaning Gloves or Food Prep Gloves, Plastic Disposable Gloves 100ct. Pack


New Road Health Supply Paraffin Bath Disposable Gloves are liners used for paraffin wax, manicures, hot spa treatments, and more. They help deeply moisturize the skin to heal calluses and flaky skin, or to help penetrate heat from a wax treatment, relieving achy hands. To use for paraffin wax: After dipping your hand into paraffin wax 3 to 5 times, cover your hands with the Disposable Gloves. If you have our Paraffin Bath Terry Cloth Mitts, layer them on top for deep heat penetration. This will help keep the warm temperature, while adding additional moisture. Wait 10 minutes and remove. Peel the wax from your hand and enjoy smooth and moisturized skin. New Road Health Supply Gloves are made of a thick plastic. They are tear resistant, made of environmentally friendly material, and are leak free. 

  • Add to Your Manicure Kit - Ideal to use for hot spa manicures and thermal treatments. Create an at-home DIY spa night by lathering your hands in lotion or cream, and cover them with our Gloves to help relieve rough, dry, flaky skin, and to nourish cuticles and nail beds.
  • How to Use for Paraffin Wax Treatments - Dip your hand into paraffin wax 3 to 5 times and place into the Disposable Gloves. This will help lock in the temperature of the wax while adding additional moisture. Wait about 10 minutes. When your treatment is complete, remove the Gloves and dispose. Peel the wax off, and enjoy smooth, moisturized skin. 
  • Hydrating and Pain Relieving Benefits - If you suffer from arthritis, muscle, or joint pain, these can be part of the healing process. When doing a paraffin wax treatment, the Gloves help to deeply penetrate heat from the wax, temporarily soothing your aching joints after a long day, and increasing circulation. You'll be left with a healthy, moisturized skin barrier.
  • One Size Fits All - The Disposable Glove Liners are Ambidextrous, making them easy to wear on either hand, of any size.
  • Durable Material - Made of high quality PE that is environmentally friendly, nontoxic, leak-free, and tear resistant. Your hand will easily slide right in. Bring these to your next manicure spa appointment for a relaxing and hygienic experience.