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Campho Phenique Maximum Strength Antiseptic Liquid, Pain Relief and Anti-Itch Treatment, Provides Instant Relief Bug Bites, Minor Cuts and Skin Irritations, 0.75 Oz

Don’t let life slow you down! Stop the itch fast with Campho Phenique Antiseptic Liquid. This multi-purpose treatment has been a medicine cabinet staple for decades for its unique formula and versatile applications. Campho Phenique liquid features a powerful blend of camphor and phenol to target skin discomfort at the source while helping prevent infection. The liquid can be applied directly to skin irritations, making it ideal for treating bug bite itch relief and treating minor skin irritations and burns in hard-to-reach places. Contains 10.8% camphor and 4.8% phenol to help stop itching and pain on contact.

      INSTANT PAIN AND ITCH RELIEF: Formulated to temporarily inactivate the pain signals at the nerve endings in the skin the pain signals at the nerve endings in the skin to provide a local anesthetic (numbing effect) that stops pain and itch on contact.

      FOR BUG BIT ITCH RELIEF, MINOR CUTS, AND BURNS: Campho Phenique Antiseptic Liquid is a multi-purpose first aid treatment that provides both pain and itch relief on contact and contains antiseptic properties to help prevent infection to promote healing.

      STAYS PUT: Campho Phenique Antiseptic Liquid is easy is easy to apply and stays put at the site of application of the pain and itch. 

      SOOTHING FORMULA: The Campho Phenique formula contains aloe which soothes skin and provides pain and itch relief.