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Once-a-Week Vitamin D3 for Endless Vitality

Packed with 50,000IUs of potent Vitamin D3 in every softgel, Ultra-D3 provides a full week's worth of this crucial nutrient in just one easy dose.

High Potency

Ultra-D3 is designed to pack a punch, with a potency of 50,000 IUs per softgel. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone who needs a potent, high-quality vitamin D supplement.

Once-a-Week Convenience

Taking just one, small, easy to swallow Ultra-D3 softgel per week contains 50,000IUs, providing a full week's worth of this crucial nutrient in just one easy dose.

Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO

Ultra-D3 is free from common allergens and artificial ingredients, making it a safe and effective choice for anyone who wants to support their health naturally.

Ultimate Weekly Tracker

As Vitamin D3 is so essential to our health, specifically for those who are highly deficient in it, we created a unique one-of-a-kind weekly tracker on our foil packaging so you'll never forget.

Your Dose of Sun Without the Damage

Prevent skin damage from the sun and avoid low levels of Vitamin D3 during winter months

"This is my second time repurchasing this. I’ve taken Vitamin D supplements before, live in California, and get plenty of sunshine. However, I’m always fatigued, especially around the time of my menstruation. I notice the effects right away when taking this form of Vitamin D! In all of the positive ways - I’m less fatigued, in fact I have crazy amount of energy, I’m not depressed as usual, and my mental clarity has heightened. Even though it comes with a few in the package, I’d rather take this every week than most vitamin D supplements that I take every day and having zero effects."
Kay B. - Amazon customer
"These are perfect for long dark winters. Here in Kentucky, it seems like it is always wet and muddy over the winter leaving no chance for me to go outside and walk. These work out perfectly to keep everyone healthy despite not being able to go out in the sunshine for months."
Thrad D. - Amazon Customer
"I was looking for a Vitamin D that I'd only need to take once a week, and this seems perfect for that. This has a tracker on the foil packaging which reminds me if I took one the week prior or not. It's labeled as week 1, 2, 3, 4 - so I'll never get mixed up. A friend takes this and told me it will help keep my immune system in check and help me feel less tired. Can't wait to see how I feel after taking it for a few weeks. The price is great so if I do well with it I will definitely get the 12 week pack."
Brad P - Amazon Customer.

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Now Available on Amazon

Try the 4 or 12 pack week Ultra-D3 from our Amazon store. We stand by the quality of our products and are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are not happy with your order, we offer a no-questions-asked full refund within 30 days of purchase.